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MPL Kids Podcast: Show Notes

Check out the MPL Kids Podcast and get all our links and show notes!

Show Notes Episode 5

Parenting Picks

Book Nook

Press Play

Program Spotlight

Show Notes Episode 4

Parenting Picks

Book Nook

There's an App for That!

Program Spotlight

Show Notes Episode 3

Book Nook Starts at 12:46

Press Play starts at 18:20

Page One

Program Spotlight

Show Notes Episode 2

Book Nook-starts at 15:30

Press Play- starts at 20:50

!!This months audio recommendations are for adult audiences!!

Page One-starts at 25:29

Program Spotlight- starts at 28:43

Show Notes Episode 1

Book Nook - starts at 11:28

Press Play - starts at 16:29

Page One - starts at 20:13

Program Spotlight - starts at 23:38