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Salem Witch Trials: Library Resources

“Rather than being an aberrant expression of North American fears and attitudes about witchcraft, it should be instead be seen as the ultimate expression of it. And therein lies the most alarming aspect of the Salem witch crisis- if Salem is not aberrant then it cannot be comfortably consigned to the past.” 
― Katherine HoweThe Penguin Book of Witches

When one speaks of witch hunts, for most Americans, the image that comes to their minds is that of a city in Massachusetts where many lives, particularly women's lives, were branded and tossed aside, guilty until proven innocent. Even three hundred or so years later, the Salem witch trials still live on, through academia, pop culture, and our very own American legacy. 

Our Fiction Titles About the Salem Witch Trials

Our Non-Fiction Titles About the Salem Witch Trials and Other Historical Persecutions